Google Maps version 3 is currently transitioning to Google Maps version 3 and Google have now withdrawn version 2. Meanwhile there will be slight degradation of service compared with what you are used to. The map zoom is slower and the refresh of the view after zooming is also slower - it may take a few seconds longer for Google Maps to show you the masjid landmarks after you have panned or zoomed the map view.

Also whereas before, the Streetview picture homed in on the landmark, giving you a clear view of the Streetview of the masjid, this feature has changed and will be re-coded and meanwhile has been switched off. Instead however, you can now use the Google Yellow Man in the mini-map and drop him on the landmark to get the same result, but you have to do it yourself.

Please be patient while these elements are fixed, which they will be as soon as time allows. Please also note that unlike several sites that have copied the website, we do not depend on the website and its features to promote our own business or generate advertising revenue. This assures you of our complete independence but has the consequence that the Google Maps version 3 transition will be completed as our voluntary time allows it to be.

Update, January 2015
Code and content now updated to accommodate Google Maps version 3, and a vastly improved, full function "nearest mosques on my mobile" service as well - have a look at!


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