is a site dedicated to providing resources for Muslims and non-Muslims in Britain to live and work effectively together. It follows several related themes,

  • Guidance for organisations working with the Muslim community, using the text of a book written for City of London Police in 2006 and now used by many other UK and European official bodies;
  • Development of material that analyses the issues around extremism and community tensions, and
  • Practical information about the Muslim community in Britain, using a Google map to locate masaajid i.e. "mosques" around the UK and Ireland.

The site is updated at irregular intervals as the informal work of a private individual.  The site contains many corrections to information from other public sources, but no liability is accepted for errors that remain.

Google map and search facility with approximately 1,600 masaajid (mosques) in the UK and Eire. Includes a listing feature for small-format web devices, e.g. mobile phones. This is probably the most comprehensive and accurate register of UK masjids on the web and includes many hundreds of corrections to lists published elsewhere.

Masses of work has gone in to making this data accurate, for example the register lists over 300 premises that are no longer in use as masjids (clearly marked as 'defunct'), included in other lists in error.

"Islam and Muslims in Britain - A Guide for Non-Muslims"

Islam and Muslims In Britain - A Guide for Non-Muslims, published by City of London Police, 2006

"This new guide is an up-to-date and practical tool for police officers and staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Muslim community in Britain. I would recommend it as essential reading for police colleagues engaged in policing Muslim neighbourhoods across the country." Detective Inspector Bob Lambert, New Scotland Yard

"By far the best thing of its kind which I have seen produced by a public sector body." Rev. Flora Winfield, Assistant Secretary General of Religions for Peace





"In this short, incisive, and closely argued paper, the author has opened the way for a wider discussion of an issue of real importance to our national security. He identifies the key issues that he believes affect all Muslim communities in the UK to day. In doing so, he succeeds in demonstrating the great theological and ethnic diversity of these communities - something that is not widely recognised or understood. Furthermore, this is not merely an analysis. The author presents us with an an assessment of the situation and puts forward recommendations as a basis for opening a discussion on how to tackle the problem effectively." Chris Donnelly, Senior Fellow, Defence Academy of the UK, Head of the Advanced Research and Assessment Group

"An important contribution [...] on the subject of tackling extremism among Muslim youth" Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely, Director, Defence Academy of the UK