Recent additions and updates to the website, in reverse chronological order

Mar 2011 All except about 170 masjids have now been pinpointed, with landmarks positioned right on the masjid. This means that if you download the SatNav files, or use the mobile phone app or the several Android apps that people have linked our data with, they will take you right to the front door of the masjid insha'Allah. In the process of making the data that accurate, I have been able to mark about 40 masjids as now 'defunct'. Sadly a couple of sites have copied the MiB data set last year and passed it off as their own, and will unfortunately be misleading their users who won't benefit from the regular refinements and updates that MiB provides. Of the roughly 170 that remain, most of these are prayer rooms in hospitals, universities or shopping centres, for which a visit on foot is needed. All in good time insha'Allah. Unlike other directories, this one is backed up with personal visits and regular reviews and checks.
Feb 2011 Several collaborative pieces of work are now underway. MiB is collaborating with a project commissioned by English Heritage to survey the development of the Mosque in Britain. This means that we have started to label each masjid with a note on what sort of building the masjid replaced, and what kind of development it has. statistics now form part of the data set collected by the British Religion in Numbers surveys hosted by University of Manchester. Complementary to this, we are working through the ONS's Register of Places of Worship, which lists about 900 Muslim places but a very large proportion of these are no longer in use. We hope to bring you statistics about the numbers of churches etc. relative to masjids. (In some places, local authorities have blocked development of masjids by claiming that they aren't needed. These statistics may well provide useful data for anyone needing to demonstrate discrimination against Muslims in such cases.)

And following a study and campaign by the Charity Commission, to persuade masjid managements to adopt charitable status, we have included links from masjid data pages to their registered charity documents. These give some insight into the goings on in your local masjid. If they don't tally with what you see from the musallah, the Charity Commission may provide a remedy.

Oct 2010 Masjids / Mosques on your mobile! Mobile phone app: How to get the MiB masjid directory on your mobile - Google map, Streetview and directions to all your nearest mosques from where you are standing. Click on the link for installation instructions and sample screenshots.
Aug 2010 Inclusion of a masjid / mosque statistics report (PDF format) that will be updated in line with the directory. View latest statistics.
May-Jul 2010 Photographs and accurate updates to masjid data for almost every masjid in Derby and Nottingham, and a number of locations around north London.
late 2009 Photographs and accurate updates to masjid data for many locations around West London.
Summer 2009 Photographs and accurate updates to masjid data for Woking and other locations around the South East and South London.
May 2009 Photographs and accurate updates to masjid data for almost every masjid in Batley, Dewsbury, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow and Newbury. Improvements to the format of Satnav downloads. Assistance from Google Streetview to pinpoint many other masaajid.
February 2009 Accurate updates to masjid data for Reading, Maidenhead, Slough and Wakefield. Newly opened masaajid in Lewisham and in Edinburgh. Numerous corrections to location and some other information, jazakallah khayrun.
January 2009 Introduction of photographs in the detail pages for masjids. So far (Feb 2009) we have about 800 photos of nearly 400 masjids. Where possible these include a street view to aid locating the masjid, a view of the musallah and of the washing facilities, so you can judge what sort of state the masjid is in for yourself, rather than try to score each one. Also links to masjids' own websites and other related information. Please send us suitable photographs to include if you can.
November 2008 Correction of some masjid data for Glasgow: Thanks to for the data. Placeholder for temporary arrangements for Jumu'ah in Elstree and Borehamwood (not actually in the middle of the Midland Railway mainline!).
November 2008 Correction of masjid data for Chesterfield: sadly, there is none, but a hall is hired for Jumu'ah. This is located correctly.
November 2008 "The 'Church Warden' Model of community engagement" This presents the means of achieving a better form of masjid/mosque security than the usual 'head-in-the-sand' ostrich model, "We don't allow any extremists in here - it must be some other mosque that is the problem."
October 2008 More accurate locations of masjids around Nelson, Lancs Google Maps and SatNav downloadable Point of Interest (PoI) markers have been positioned precisely where the masjids are located where this information is known.
October 2008 Major improvements to the searching features of the masjid maps. You can now search explicitly on a hierarchy of geographical locations - county, town, locality (though much locality data has yet to be added) postcode etc and see the results within the hierarchy. Postcode-based search results are also improved. Results are listed using "tag clouds", in which the text size indicates the number of masaajid in the county, town, locality etc.
September 2008 More accurate locations of masjids around Birmingham and Blackburn. Google Maps and SatNav downloadable Point of Interest (PoI) markers have been positioned precisely where the masjids are located where this information is known.